The goal of the Cogmaster is to train high-level scientists in at least one discipline of cognitive science, with broad knowledge and a solid methodological training covering all of the cognitive sciences. 

Each Cogmaster student builds, together with his/her tutor, a personalised curriculum. This is usually (but optionally) organised around one major, that is validated over the two years. Majors typically correspond to the main areas of cognitive science, and may be chosen according to each students’ project and skills.

Students entering Cogmaster directly in M2 do not validate a major.

Requirements for each semester and each major are found here.

Majors are: 

  • Philosophy - Valeria Giardino (
  • Social science - Nicolas Baumard (
  • Linguistics - Maria Giavazzi & Pascal Amsili (,
  • Cognitive psychology -Jérôme Sackur (
  • Cognitive neuroscience - Daniel Pressnitzer & Thomas Andrillon (,
  • Modelling - Jean-Pierre Nadal & Mehdi Khamassi (,
  • Cognitive engineering and society - Valérian Chambon and Emmanuel Dupoux (


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