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& Mehdi Khamassi (

Master 1 - Semester 1

Master 1 - Semester 2 

Master 2 - Semester 1

External courses

  • Algorithms for speech and natural language processing
  • Other external courses to strengthen technical skills in mathematics, physics, computer science or engineering sciences: contact

    Many Cogmaster courses have a significant formal/modeling component. The Modeling major involves more specifically the reinforcement of skills in tools (mathematics, computer science) and the acquisition of advanced knowledge on formal or modeling approaches in cognitive science fields.

    However, the Modeling major is primarily oriented towards modeling in cognitive neuroscience, modeling that allows one to go from the neuron to the network, from the network to the behavior or to a cognitive function, with also a look at the interface between cognitive neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

    Nevertheless :

    If one is interested in the study of language, the following courses are of interest in the Modeling major:
  • LING 102 Formal tools for the study of language (an all-mathematics course)
  • LING 202 Semantics 1
  • LING 302 Semantics 2 (courses with strong logic and probability components)

    If one is interested in the social sciences, especially economics, the following courses are of interest in the Modeling major:
  • SOCSCI 202 Decision science
  • COGSCI 313 Neuroeconomics

    Finally, note that some courses are recommended for both the Modeling and the Cognitive Engineering & Society majors.