M1 or M2

Integrative Neuroscience and Cognition Center


INCC - Université de Paris & CNRS
45 rue des Saints-Pères
75006 Paris

Language & cognition
Mathematical Cognition
Length of internship
to be determined with the applicant
For testing children: french; For labmeetings: english; For the rest: english or french ad libitum
My group conducts research to try and understand the foundations of mathematical cognition. We study infants, children and adults to try and look for intuitions with mathematical contents. For example, in the past we have looked at the perception of numerical quantities in infants; or at the perception and categorization of shapes across ages. Recently, we have also started studying concept learning (how it happens vs. how people experience it) in adults. We usually have several projects going on in parallel. I encourage prospective interns to contact me, so that we can decide on a project in line with your interests.