L3, M1, M2



Inria, 200 avenue de la vieille tour, 33405 Talence

Length of internship
To be determined with applicant
English and French

Title: Hyperscanning: Shedding light on collaboration and social cognition in middle childhood
Type: L3, M1 or M2 Internship Information
Address: Inria Paris, 2 rue Simone Iff, 75012 Paris
Theme: Embodied Conversational Agents and Social Cognition
Email: justine.cassell@inria.fr
Length of internship: To be determined with applicant
Rémunération: GR (= Gratification Réglementaire)
Language: English and French

The ArticuLabo is recruiting interns for an ongoing investigation into collaborative play via videoconference between child peers aged 5-12 years old. Our work aims to understand how children build bonds with one another, communicate, and collaborate. We utilize a variety of interdisciplinary methods including neuroimaging (functional near infra-red spectroscopy - fNIRS), speech (audio), and behavioral (video and task performance) data in an effort to better understand the interbrain synchrony (IBS) of rapport management in middle childhood. We are particularly interested in the relationship between behavior and IBS over time and which behaviors contribute most meaningfully to patterns of IBS.

We have internships available for students from psychology, neuroscience, or cognitive science backgrounds to assist in recruitment, running study visits, collecting verbal, nonverbal, and neural / neuroimaging data, and processing data.

Applicants should have relevant experience with one or several of the following: psychology, education science, cognitive science, cognitive/social neuroscience, neuroimaging, research with children, linguistics. 

Knowledge of statistics and/or programming languages such as R or Python are a plus. 

Fluent English speakers with a French level of at least B1, or fluent French speakers with an English level of at least B1 are both invited to apply.