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Sleep and emotional memory
Sleep and Memory
Length of internship
6 to 8
The hippocampus displays specific rhythms and neural activity associated with the different phases of sleep (REM and Non-REM sleep). However, much less is known about the amygdala dynamics during different sleep phases, and how it could be related to memory consolidation or homeostatic plasticity. Here, the intern will work on an existing dataset and develop code using Matlab and Python to provide a thorough description of sleep dynamics in the amygdala. We will analyze how the hippocampus-amygdala dialogue can take place during REM and Non-REM sleep, explore the changes in firing rates, population coordination and LFP at brain state transition and their evolution across sleep cycles. This study will help understand the baseline sleep neural dynamics in the hippocampus-amygdala network and understand how they could be involved in the homeostatic or consolidation role of REM and Non-REM sleep.