INSERM U1237 Caen


Centre Cyceron,
Boulevard H Becquerel
14000 Caen

AI and Cognition
Length of internship
french and english
Context: The Inserm U1237 NeuroPresage team (www.neuropresage.fr) is pleased to announce the opening of a 6-month Master's level internship opportunity. Our team enjoys both national and international recognition for our expertise in Alzheimer's disease, aging, memory, and neuroimaging. We are progressively incorporating cutting-edge artificial intelligence techniques into our research endeavors. The project we offer here combines artificial intelligence, psychology, neuroscience, and computer science, providing a unique opportunity to contribute to an innovative project. Its ultimate goal is to enhance the care of patients with memory disorders, particularly in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, through personalized interventions based on cognitive profiles. Project Description: This internship provides an exceptional opportunity to work within a leading laboratory specializing in the understanding of cognitive mechanisms, brain imaging, and the development of innovative solutions for cognitive disorders. The primary project objective is to identify individual cognitive profiles using advanced artificial intelligence techniques. Beyond performance differences, we will consider personality traits, lifestyle factors, and emotional regulation, among others, to more precisely define characteristic cognitive profiles and identify their cerebral substrates. We firmly believe that tailoring learning and cognitive remediation strategies to cognitive profiles is the key to improving the quality of life for individuals and patients with cognitive disorders. Internship Objectives: 1. Utilize rich learning databases to identify specific cognitive profiles from cognitive and behavioral data, including personality assessments and lifestyle questionnaires. 2. Implement artificial intelligence techniques to accurately classify an individual profile among the learned profiles. 3. Optionally explore correlations between cognitive profiles and available imaging data in the laboratory to identify their brain fingerprint. Ultimately, this project will enable the proposal of learning or cognitive remediation strategies tailored to each identified profile. Internship Details: • Duration: 6 months. • Location: Cyceron Center, Caen, France. • Supervision: The intern will work under the meticulous guidance of Gaël Chételat, an Inserm research director with expertise in neuroimaging, psychology of normal and pathological aging, and extensive experience in applying artificial intelligence techniques. • Compensation: In accordance with the national Master's internship rate. • Start Date: Academic year 2023-2024. Candidate Profile: We are seeking two complementary profiles for this Master's level internship. The first profile requires a solid background in artificial intelligence, programming, computer science, and a strong interest in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and psychometrics. The second profile targets students with a robust foundation in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and demonstrable programming and computer science skills, combined with a keen enthusiasm for artificial intelligence. Prior research experience in cognition, neuroimaging, or artificial intelligence would be a significant advantage. How to Apply: Interested candidates are invited to submit their application, including a CV, a cover letter, transcripts, relevant reports from previous internships, and contact information for two academic references, to Gaël Chételat (chetelat@cyceron.fr). Please note that we do not have a fixed closing date for this position. We will evaluate applications as they are received and close the call once we have identified a candidate who meets our criteria. Therefore, we encourage candidates to submit their applications as soon as possible for the best chance of consideration. We look forward to collaborating with a talented student to explore new avenues of research in the exciting fields of cognition and artificial intelligence. This internship provides a unique opportunity to contribute to improving the care of patients with cognitive disorders.