Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Who decides on admissions to Cogmaster?

The admission of candidates depends first of all on the opinion issued by the Cogmaster Pedagogical Council, based on pedagogical elements and preliminary interviews with CP members.

2. What are the admission criteria?

The admission criterion is based on the student's high motivation and academic excellence, but also on his ability to work, his willingness to research and his taste for multidisciplinary integration.

3. What to read before entering Cogmaster?

For a very general approach, you can refer to our Bibliography of cognitive sciences.

To situate yourself in relation to the required level in mathematics and to revise the basics, you can consult KahnAcademy:

In order to understand the level required in computer science and familiarize yourself with python, we recommend codecademy:

4. What is the language of instruction of the Cogmaster?

From the beginning of the 2019 school year, the language of instruction will be mainly English. All exams and defenses can be passed in French or English, at the student's choice.