Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Who decides on admissions to Cogmaster?

Admissions in M1 are primarily handled by the professors in charge of each major (see Governance), who examine the applications of students with the corresponding academic backgrounds. For instance, the professors in charge of the Modelling major examine the applications of all candidates with a maths, physics, computer science or engineering background. In the application, you have to declare your admission track based on your disciplinary background, this helps assigning you to the corresponding professors. Applicants are ranked within each admission track, then a jury is held with professors in charge of each admission track and the Cogmaster directors, in order to inter-rank candidats and constitute a single admission list across all disciplines.

Direct admissions  in M2 are handled by the Cogmaster directors and members of the executive team.

2. What are the admission criteria?

Please see the Admissions page.

3. What to read before entering Cogmaster?

For a very general approach, you can refer to our Bibliography of cognitive sciences.

4. What is the language of instruction of the Cogmaster?

The language of instruction is English, with a few exceptions of courses that are shared with French-speaking programmes (e.g., Introduction to Logic). All exams and defenses are taken in English. At the student's request, certain exams may be taken in French, subject to the teacher's agreement.

If your questions remain unanswered on this site, you may email the Cogmaster secretary for all administrative and practical questions, and the Cogmaster directors for pedagogical/scientific questions.