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DevPsy, Psychiatrie du Développement
cognition; bipolar disorders
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Individuals with bipolar disorder have a lower quality of life than people without the disorder, even during euthymia (Michalak et al., 2010). Several parameters have been associated with quality of life in bipolar disorder: disturbances in sleep and biological rhythms (Slyepchenko et al., 2019), self-stigmatization and residual depressive signs (Post et al., 2018), comorbid anxiety disorder (Yapici Eser et al., 2018), and hypomanic residual signs (Yoldi-Negrete et al., 2019). To date, few studies have investigated the links between cognition and quality of life in bipolar disorders and their results are heterogeneous: some studies report no link (Dias et al., 2008; Faurholt-Jepsen et al., 2020) while other studies find that better neurocognition is associated with a better quality of life transversally (Cotrena et al., 2016) and 6 months later (Mackala et al., 2014). In fact, a recent study shows that it is cognitive reserve rather than the current cognitive performance that is associated with quality of life (Cotrena et al., 2020). In this project, we propose to significantly advance the question of the links between neurocognition and quality of life by analyzing data from the 12 bipolar expert centers of the FondaMental foundation. Cognition will be measured by a complete neuropsychological battery and quality of life by the EQ-5D. Three measurement times over two years of follow-up will be included in the analyses. Intermediate variables such as residual depression, anxiety-status, functioning, metacognition will be integrated to better understand the causal pathway linking neurocognition and quality of life. Cross-sectional and longitudinal SEM (using cross-lagged panel modeling) will be used with neurocognition as the latent variable. If you are interested in this project, please contact Paul Roux.