Sex differences in human newborns

Despite a number of studies, it remains unclear whether male and female human newborns manifest different visual preferences or perceptual abilities. The goal of this project is to determine with greater confidence whether this is the case or not. In particular, we are interested in finding out whether male and female newborns show different spontaneous preferences for human faces vs. inanimate objects, as suggested by various studies, old and new (e.g., Lewis et al. 1966; Connellan et al. 2000).

Hyperscanning: Shedding light on collaboration and social cognition in middle childhood

Title: Hyperscanning: Shedding light on collaboration and social cognition in middle childhood
Type: L3, M1 or M2 Internship Information
Address: Inria Paris, 2 rue Simone Iff, 75012 Paris
Theme: Embodied Conversational Agents and Social Cognition
Length of internship: To be determined with applicant
Rémunération: GR (= Gratification Réglementaire)
Language: English and French

Effect of short-term visual plasticity on interocular inhibition in adult humans

The project is aimed at investigating the impact of short-term (2h) monocular deprivation on interocular suppression depth in adult humans using a psychophysical technique called continuous flash suppression. The data collection will take place at the laboratoire des systèmes perceptifs (LSP) at the DEC ENS. The project will be in collaboration with Prof. David Alais (University of Sydney).

Devenir Normalien(ne) - Double diplôme de l'ENS

Les candidat(e)s au Cogmaster sont fortement encouragé(e)s à postuler également pour devenir Normalien(ne), un statut prestigieux dans le système universitaire français.

Le statut de Normalien(ne) permet d'obtenir un double diplôme (le Master en sciences cognitives + le diplôme de l'École Normale Supérieure), avec relativement peu d'exigences supplémentaires. 

De plus, il permet de bénéficier d'un certain nombre d'avantages très importants :

Is the connectivity of Broca’s area the same for everyone ?

Patients with glioma are frequently operated in awake conditions, with the aim to intraoperatively map different brain functions. Surprisingly, in a picture naming task, Broca’s area is only responsive to electrical stimulation in 50 % of patients. Currently, it is not known if this is due to a specific pattern of structural and functional connectivity of Broca’s area that would be found in a similar rate in healthy people or if this is an effect of tumor-induced changes in connectivity of the region.

Etude de la perception de l'espace

L’homme ne perçoit pas l’espace de manière homogène : le cerveau code l’espace proche du corps différemment de l’espace lointain. L’espace situé immédiatement autour du corps est appelé l’espace péri-personnel (EPP). Cet espace est particulièrement important au niveau comportemental car c’est à travers cet espace que nous interagissons avec le monde extérieur. Au moins deux fonctions sont attribuées à cet EPP : la protection du corps et l’élaboration d’actions dirigées vers un but. A ce jour, les travaux étudiant l’EPP se sont principalement intéressés aux limites antérieures de l’EPP, i.e.

Plasticity of the sense of agency

The sense of agency is the consciousness of controlling our own volitional actions. It is based on deciding, initiating and executing actions, observing their consequences and comparing them with our expectations. All these processes occur in a few hundreds of milliseconds in the case of simple motor actions. The aim of this project is to identify the timeline of the build-up of this sense of agency and to manipulate it in a group of healthy participants.