The courses offered by the Cogmaster are primarily intended for admitted students. But they are also open to students enrolled in the Cogmaster's institutions (PSL, Université de Paris and EHESS), subject to compatibility with their original curriculum, and to availability of places in the classroom.

1. Registration to the course of your choice

1.1 Your status

If you wish to validate the course at the end of the semester and obtain ECTS (credits) for your curriculum, you are considered an external student:

  • you ask for the agreement of the director of your own programme, to make sure that the Cogmaster's credits can be validated as part of your curriculum.
  • you validate the course according to the rules of the Cogmaster and of that particular course.

If you wish to attend the course without taking exams and validating credits, you are considered as a free auditor. You still need to register.

1.2 Deadlines

1st semester course: BEFORE THE END OF OCTOBER.
2nd semester course: BEFORE THE END OF MARCH.

1.3 Procedure to follow

In any case, the registration procedure is as follows:
- obtain the authorisation of the corresponding course leader (indicated on the course syllabus).
- Inform the Cogmaster Secretary by sending an e-mail with the subject "External Registration xxx" and including the following information:

  • Name:
  • First name
  • Birth date
  • Place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone
  • Exact title of your current training
  • Your educational manager
  • For external students, to whom to send your notes ("service de scolarité").

2. Recommendations

Whether you are an auditor or an external student, you have to comply with the rules of the Cogmaster. The pedagogical council particularly insists on regular attendance to all the classes of a course. Therefore, do not forget to sign the presence sheet at each class. At the end of the semester, the Cogmaster will deliver a certificate of attendance or a transcript.

Pay attention to schedules and classrooms: they are not always regular, even within the same course.
Remember to regularly check the online timetable.