1. Prerequisites (general)

There are no specific courses preparing for the Cogmaster. The course is open to students from extremely different backgrounds, belonging to diverse scientific cultures: experimental sciences, formal sciences (mathematics, logic, physics), social sciences, engineering sciences, management, medicine, etc.

What we expect of students is that they show a keen interest in cognition, supported by readings or experiments in the laboratory, as well as strong research skills: intellectual autonomy, curiosity, motivation, precision, hard work.

There is no prerequiste level in mathematics or programming. However, candidates should be willing and able to learn some basics, as part of the compulsory core curriculum.

2. Students from the university

Why integrate a research master?
The Research Master is designed as a preparation for the PhD thesis. It provides research training, allowing the student to lead and present the results of an original research project conducted in a research laboratory. It also offers training through research, allowing the student to acquire a certain amount of knowledge specific to a field on the one hand, and reusable skills (methodological and technical tools, scientific watch, project management, etc.) on the other hand.

Why the Cogmaster?
The Cogmaster is a reference training in the field of cognitive science at national and European level. It offers unprecedented interdisciplinary coverage and access to the best international research teams in Ile-de-France, France and abroad. It also offers a solid methodological training reusable in other contexts than academic research (experimental design, data analysis, programming), as well as fundamental knowledge at the forefront of research in the field of cognition. The Cogmaster is recognized in its sector for the quality of its training in doctoral schools and national research bodies.

3. International students

Why integrate a research master?
A master's degree is an excellent preparation for PhD programs abroad. It gives you the methodological and technical bases necessary for the good continuation of a thesis. It is a must for a thesis in France and Europe and, for a PhD program application in England and the USA, considerably enriches your file. This training only represents a relative cost, higher education in France requesting a contribution of around € 400, including social security. As a foreign student, you have the opportunity to apply to the International Master Fellowship in Cognitive Science

Why the Cogmaster?
The Cogmaster provides an excellent foundation, both theoretical and practical, for pursuing interdisciplinary studies in the field of cognition. The students from this training are immediately functional in their research project, which is appreciated in the best PhD programs abroad (Yale, Harvard, etc.).

4. Medical students (or paramedical)

Why integrate a research master?
A master's degree is an excellent introduction to the research process. It is essential for medical students considering a university-hospital career, and very useful for those who wish to maintain an active link with the world of research during their career (contacts, colleagues, scientific watch, etc.).

Why the Cogmaster?
The Cogmaster is particularly interesting for medical students working in Neurology, Psychiatry or Rehabilitation, areas where cognition plays a central role. It may also be of interest to students with a background in speech-language pathology or clinical psychology.

5. Engineering students

Why integrate a research master?
A Research Master completes an engineering education by giving tools to better address technological innovation and scientific watch. It makes it possible to consider a career in R & D as well as a reorientation in basic or applied research.

Why the Cogmaster?
The Cogmaster offers particularly interesting opportunities for students with an engineering background.
Former Cogmasterians with an engineering background have also found opportunities in the most prestigious research institutions in France and abroad, as in the industrial world (ex: Google Deepmind).
The analysis of multimodal data (brain imaging, behavior) or computational modeling (computational neuroscience, computer linguistics, quantitative psychology, etc.) offer as many playgrounds where the student engineer brings a more significant. Application areas related to cognitive technologies are booming: brain-machine interfaces, human-machine interfaces, virtual reality, neuro-inspired systems, robotics, e-learning, serious games, machine learning, Bayesian optimization and inference, deep learning etc.

6. Economics students

Why integrate a research master?
A Research Master completes a training in economics by giving tools to better address technological innovation and scientific watch. It also allows to consider a career in R & D or pure research.

Why the Cogmaster?
Cognition is at the heart of current management issues. Decision, rationality, collective intelligence, the transfer of learning, the behavior of economic agents, the management of change, are all topics that are of direct interest to economics and management sciences. The Cogmaster offers fundamental bases, rooted in cognitive psychology, neuroscience, cognitive anthropology, decision science and mathematical and computational modeling, which can be used for a future manager or researcher in these fields.

7. Professionals

Why a Research Master?
The Research Master allows any professional who already has a practice or a strong interest in scientific research to acquire a network within the advanced research as well as skills to better incorporate research within the professional project.

Why the Cogmaster?
The sciences of cognition have applications in extremely diverse fields, ranging from education, remediation, cognitive enhancement, cognitive technologies, biomedical ethics, decision sciences, language science, psychology, and cognitive science. town planning, etc. Research training in cognitive science such as the Cogmaster, if well prepared and supported, can bring real momentum to a professional project in this sector. We note, however, that the level of requirement is extremely high and remains inconsistent with part-time training.